Monday, March 31, 2008

Democratic Tracking Poll: President

Barack Obama 54
Hillary Clinton 36

Obama has retained a large lead in the state after a week in which both candidates made several appearances.

His greatest strength is coming from voters who have a history of voting in general elections but not in primaries. With that group he has a 60-32 advantage. Bringing more folks into the political process has been one of the central successes of the Obama campaign, and it appears he's doing that in North Carolina.

Among voters who have a history of voting in primaries the race is much closer, with Obama sporting a 49-40 lead.

Obama now leads in every part of the state except the Mountains, which has very few black voters. He has an advantage across every age group, and is up by double digits with both men and women. He is also doing respectable with the white vote, where he has 36%, and has his customary large lead with black voters (81-11).

Full results here.

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