Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pennsylvania Poll

Hillary Clinton 56
Barack Obama 30

Last week's controversy over comments by Barack Obama's pastor has given him quite a hit in the polls in Pennsylvania. Clinton's 26 point lead is the largest she has shown in the state so far in 2008.

Some of the lead is attributable to Clinton racking up large leads in her key demographics, such as a 66-20 advantage with female voters. But she's holding Obama down with his key groups. He is only at 63% with black voters in the poll, a percentage much smaller than what he has been getting in most states.

Clinton even leads among all four age groups, even with the young people who have tended to gravitate toward Obama. She has a small advantage with folks 18-45 and a much larger one with older voters.

The 24 hour news cycle has hurt Obama a lot in the last week. Clinton will inevitably have her own bad stories between now and Pennsylvania that could tighten things a little bit, but 26 points is an awful lot for Obama to make up.

Full results here.

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