Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Elbie Powers speaking his truth

Yesterday Republican gubernatorial contender Elbie Powers finally got the chance to make a joint appearance with his fellow candidates. He had been excluded from several earlier debates.

The occasion was an NC Bankers Association meeting in Greensboro. And it sure sounds like Powers didn't tell them what they wanted to hear:
You people sitting here represent one of the most powerful organizations in NC and in the USA- the banking industry. Why don't you all get together and help turn this around, instead of foreclosing on 100,000 homes, or a million homes, who knows where it will end. You all get together, reduce the home owner payments 75%, after three months increase the payment by 10% each month until things are up and going again. You people here will single handily turn it around, and what NC does here the rest of the country will follow.
I admire a man who goes and speaks to a special interest group and doesn't just pander to whatever they want to hear. Powers is a refreshing voice in the Republican race, bringing new ideas to the table. It doesn't mean they're all good ideas or feasible ones but we should always appreciate politicians who are willing to alter the conversation.

He deserves more opportunities like this to join his fellow candidates and have his perspective heard.
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