Thursday, March 20, 2008

Following up on our NC Presidential Poll

One thing that caught my eye about our poll yesterday showing Hillary Clinton reducing Barack Obama's lead in the state from four points to one is that Clinton is actually in the exact same place that she was two weeks ago. Obama dropped three points from 47% to 44%, while Clinton remained steady at 43%.

What that says to me is the Jeremiah Wright controversy is causing a small percentage of Obama's supporters to have doubts about him. But it's pushing them into the undecided column rather than the Clinton column while they wait to see how he handles this whole issue. For instance, if folks were happy with his speech on Tuesday they might be right back to planning to vote for Obama when we poll the race again next week.

At this point it would be more accurate to say that Obama is falling back in the state than to say Clinton is closing in. It'll be interesting to see where this stands next week!

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