Monday, March 3, 2008

Ohio Poll Results

Hillary Clinton 51
Barack Obama 42

Clinton has expanded her lead in the state since last week, when she held a four point lead over Obama.

Her major gains came with white voters and with Republicans intending to vote in the Democratic primary. Last week Obama led 80-13 with self identified GOP voters intending to cross over. Now Clinton has a small 46-45 edge with that group. While Clinton's African American support has actually declined in the last week, her lead among white voters has expanded from 18 points to 25.

A major problem for Obama in Ohio is that he is not dominating the votes of young people the way he has in a lot of states where he's had success. He leads just 49-46 among voters 18-29 and Clinton actually leads 48-44 among those voters aged 30-45.

The Clintons have always had success with their backs against the wall. It looks like the same trend may be holding in Ohio.

John McCain 50
Mike Huckabee 33
Ron Paul 10

McCain's lead has dropped eight points from the poll last week but he's still in position for a comfortable victory.

Full results here

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