Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Moore's new ad

Richard Moore is back on the air with a new and improved message. People care about the minimum wage, property taxes, community colleges, and job creation. They don't care about blotting out studies and commissions. So he's moving in the right direction.

One subtle but very interesting new twist in this ad is that not only does it flash on the screen that Moore is a Democrat for Governor, but the announcer even says it. There was no mention whatsoever of his party affiliation in earlier ads, and clearly the campaign has decided that was a mistake, which it probably was. Playing down your party affiliation is fine in the general election but not a good call in the primary. (The ads for Bev Perdue have all shown her party affiliation on the screen, although they have not mentioned it.)

That said a positive ad at this point isn't going to do much to cut down on Perdue's 27 point lead in the polls. Moore's effectiveness at going negative on her will determine whether he has any shot at making the comeback, and he shouldn't wait much longer to start if he wants to have a chance.

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