Thursday, March 6, 2008

Duke-UNC poll

PPP recently polled North Carolinians to find out who they pull for in the Duke-UNC basketball game.

The results:

UNC 40
Duke 24
Don't care 36

What was particularly fascinating about the results was their uniformity along racial, gender, and political party lines.

Almost every time PPP does a poll there are major differences in how people respond depending on whether they're male or female, white or black, Democrat or Republican.

That wasn't the case he though. Men prefer UNC by 16 points, women prefer the Tar Heels by 15. Democrats go for Carolina by 16 points, Republicans like them by 14. White folks and black folks want them to win by similar double digit margins as well.

In North Carolina basketball may be the one thing that truly allows us to transcend all of our differences.

Full results here.

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