Monday, March 17, 2008

Elon Transportation Poll

Elon has an interesting new poll out on transportation issues today that has some interesting implications for the Governors race and beyond:

-This environmentalist is quite heartened to see that more people stated public transportation as their top issue than road construction, congestion, and traffic combined. Hopefully the General Assembly will take that to heart as it addresses the state's transportation issues this session. There should be significant money alloted for public transportation in any bond taken to the public for approval.

-Folks also saw improving public transportation as the most effective way of dealing with traffic congestion, more so than building new roads.

-There is 72% support for commuter rail in urban areas. Light rail definitely seems like a good issue for Pat McCrory if he makes it to the fall. Still not sure if he should make it a big thing in the primary though.

-Gas prices are by far and away the biggest overall transportation concern. The main place the state has any control over that is the gas tax so maybe it's time for Bill Graham to start hammering on the issue that brought him into the political spotlight in the first place.

-People are satisfied with DOT 61-35. On the specific issue of road construction people are satisfied with it 55-40 and on the issue of road maintenance folks are satisfied 53-45.

I really just don't think normal people think about DOT on a day to day basis. I don't think either Richard Moore in the primary or Pat McCrory potentially in the general is going to get much traction against Bev Perdue with this issue.

Anyway, there is a lot to interesting stuff to digest in this poll. Check it out here.

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