Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Republican Tracking Poll: Federal Stuff

John McCain 56
Mike Huckabee 33
Ron Paul 5

Huckabee probably won't even be in the race by the time the North Carolina primary comes around. Not that it matters either way. Folks have coalesced around McCain.

Elizabeth Dole 82
Pete DiLauro 12

In case anyone was wondering what percentage of Republicans are unhappy enough with Dole's performance that they would vote for any random joe (or in this case Pete) who put himself on the ballot, it's 12%.

Full results here


Anonymous said...

Why is it any "Joe" as you refer to him as? Pete did his time. He is an ex-marine, vietnam vet, retired NYC cop.

Why does everyone have to be one of the Clintons or the Bushs or the Doles to get elected in this country? Haven't they done enough damage to this country?

No one knows who Pete is yet and still he drew 12% of the vote. Can you just imagine what he will get once people find out who he is and what he is about?
He has a website www.petedilauro.com

The website is a good read and will show you something about him and who he is. Once you read it I am sure you will agree with me he is not just another "Joe"

Anonymous said...

I read the website,I like him. I am tired of the same politicians who sell the same line. They are so out of touch with the everyday people. This gentleman has been in the military, worked as a policeman that's one of us.

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