Thursday, March 6, 2008

Survey USA: North Carolina General Election

John McCain 49
Hillary Clinton 41

John McCain 47
Barack Obama 45

SurveyUSA, somewhat remarkably, did Presidential general election polls for every state in the country last night.

Barack Obama does better than Hillary Clinton in North Carolina. The key areas where he does better than her mirror trends we've seen in our general election polling:

-He trails by 61 points among Republican voters, but she trails by 72 points. There's more room for cross over support.
-He leads by seven points with independents, she trails by 23. He does much better getting those all important votes in the middle.

But the poll also shows the main thing holding him back in the state:

-She leads by 61 points among Democrats, he leads by only 50. Some Democrats are holding back on him. I believe this is the same phenomenon that caused Ralph Campbell some trouble in his runs for state Auditor.

Still, a Democrat trailing by only two points for President in North Carolina is quite remarkable, and it would be one heck of a Democratic year right on down the ballot were that the case.

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