Thursday, May 29, 2008

It all comes down to money

I've said repeatedly the last few weeks that Kay Hagan can compete with Elizabeth Dole this fall- but that's predicated on her being able to compete with Dole dollar for dollar.

That's looking pretty tough right now. Dole clearly is concerned about the latest poll numbers, and is already on the air now in May.

We'll be releasing new numbers on the Senate race Monday. We're already in the field, and from what I've seen Dole's ads are having an impact.

Two years ago the Democrats up in DC blew a big chance in North Carolina by not financially supporting Larry Kissell against Robin Hayes. There's no doubt that even a small amount of DCCC money would have put him over the top.

Hagan is definitely on the DSCC's radar. Whether they really go to bat for her and get her the resources she needs is likely to be a determining factor in whether she can pull the upset this fall.

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Anonymous said...

I saw a Pittenger ad last night on CNN last night. Is he already on TV too? That is unbelievable.

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