Monday, April 21, 2008

Democratic Tracking Poll: Everything Else


Janet Cowell 15
David Young 15
Michael Weisel 7

It actually seems like pretty good news for Cowell that she's not behind since Young has been running tv ads and she hasn't. This race will be close going right down to the wire.


June Atkinson 34
Eddie Davis 14

Davis has seemed to run a more active campaign than Atkinson but this race hasn't moved a whole lot in the six months we've been polling. Atkinson should win renomination with a solid margin.


Beth Wood 26
Fred Aikens 16

Wood has shown a consistent 7-10 point lead since we started polling this race.

Insurance Commissioner:

Wayne Goodwin 17
David Smith 17

Another close race.

Labor Commissioner:

Mary Fant Donnan 13
John Brooks 11
Ty Richardson 9
Robin Anderson 7

These folks are basically competing to be in the top two and get into a runoff and the race is close enough right now that any of the four candidates has a decent chance of getting there.

Full results here.


Anonymous said...

Whither lt. gov? They're on TV now, correct?

Tom Jensen said...

We are working for a client in the LG race so are not releasing public numbers.

Anonymous said...

Makes sense. Does this mean that you aren't working in other races? I thought you guys were working for Hagan?

Tom Jensen said...

Nope, this is the only statewide race we're doing private polling for at this time. Most of our clients are legislative candidates although we'd certainly be happy for more statewide folks to hire us!

Anonymous said...

Interesting ethical questions that raises...

Azuri said...

I liked being able to watch the Lt. Gov. race along with the others, so I'm sorry to see it missing, but I don't see why that would raise any ethical issue for Public Policy Polling.

PPP isn't the only available polling organization. If other players want to hire somebody, they can hire someone else.

It seems to me to be ENTIRELY ethical to refrain from posting the results when hired by a candidate. That is exactly what I'd expect.

If you didn't stop posting when you took on a client, then THAT would raise ethical questions for me, not because you WOULD skew the results but because you might be accused of it and your impartiality on the results you are posting would be in question.

It seems to me that this meets the highest standard we can reasonably expect.

I applaud both your public spirited decision to release the results in statewide races where you have no client and your good marketing sense in deciding to do that.

That is what I call Public Policy oriented in that it looks at policy from a public spirited perspective.

I'm not suggesting you don't need at least some of that information to make your work useful for your legislative candidates, but you aren't bound to release it at all.

Thanks for the info, and thanks for the explanation!

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