Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Someone has it right

When I was in the 'waiting room' to go on the Tara Servatius show on WBT in Charlotte this afternoon I heard an ad in which former state senator Bob Rucho, running to take back his old seat, pilloried his opponent, Charlotte City Councilman Andy Dulin, for pretty much any bad thing the Charlotte City Council has done in the last few years.

He attacked him for raising taxes, for some some sort of taxpayer funded junket, and some other things I don't remember.

The ad was a little over the top, but it sure got me to wondering. Why is a Charlotte City Councilman being attacked in paid media for his record as a public official, but the Mayor of Charlotte, Pat McCrory, running for Governor, is not?

I think Fred Smith or Bill Graham, who have money, need to take a page from the Rucho playbook if they want to have any chance of defeating McCrory.

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