Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Republican Tracking Poll: Governor

Pat McCrory 35
Fred Smith 23
Bill Graham 7
Bob Orr 7
Elbie Powers 1

Pat McCrory is the only Republican candidate running an aggressive media campaign right now, and that's allowing him to make significant gains in the polls.

The other contenders will need to step up their campaigns soon to have any chance with the primary just five weeks away.

It is curious that Bill Graham was willing to spend thousands out of his own pocket on issue based media campaigns over the last couple years but has not made the same investment yet in his gubernatorial campaign.

Likewise for Fred Smith who made a huge outlay for barbecue but has had a pretty limited tv run.

With McCrory running perilously close to that magic 40% to avoid a runoff the other GOP contenders need to start attacking and doing more to reach the masses than they are doing now if they want to have any chance.

McCrory is now polling over 20% in all but one region of the state, an indication that he's getting his name out there beyond Charlotte.

Full results here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is very disappointing because I think Bob Orr is clearly the most credible and electable candidate in the GOP field.

Ideas should still count.

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