Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Implications of our Pennsylvania Poll for NC

If our Pennsylvania poll today showing Barack Obama leading the state is correct and holds true through the primary, it seems a safe bet that the Democratic nomination process will wrap up the next day. That leads to the question of what impact that would have on the primary in North Carolina.

My guess is that we would still get very high turnout. With all of the energy that will have already gone into registering people to vote, and getting out information about when and where to vote, I don't think that many folks will decide to just stay at home because of the nomination contest wrapping up.

Also, given the passion of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton's supporters, they may want to get out and vote for their candidates regardless of the race's status. It's not like the Presidential race will be taken off the ballot.

And I know Bev Perdue, Richard Moore, Fred Smith, Pat McCrory, and any other candidates running television ads would sure be happy about the air space opening back up.

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