Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Republican Tracking Poll: the Other Stuff

Robert Pittenger has taken the lead in the Republican race for Lieutenant Governor with 12%. Greg Dority, Jim Snyder, and Timothy Cook trail with 10%, 9%, and 3% respectively.

Per usual none of the candidates are showing much support outside of their home bases yet. Pittenger is strong in Charlotte, Snyder in the Triad, and Dority in the east.

Pittenger figures to blow this open sometime in the next few weeks when he starts spending his money.

Elizabeth Dole continues to lead challenger Pete DiLauro by an overwhelming margin, 81-12.

Full results here.


Anonymous said...

Heard a pittenger radio ad yesterday. Perhaps the money is flowing...

Anonymous said...

I emailed asked E. Dole to ask for help with animal Poisoning Cases we had in our area. I explained the seriousness of it and dealing with me being poisoned by a pesticide.
Her reply? She sent me a letter thanking me for voting for some judge. SHE WILL NEVER GET MY VOTE AGAIN!!!

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