Monday, April 28, 2008

Democratic Tracking Poll: Everything Else


Kay Hagan 36
Jim Neal 8
Marcus Williams 4
Duskin Lassiter 3
Howard Staley 2

The question at this point isn't really whether Hagan will win, but by how large of a margin.


David Young 19
Janet Cowell 16
Michael Weisel 8

For the last few weeks Young has been on tv and Cowell hasn't, and Young has taken the lead. Cowell will be for the last week though, so this race seems likely to continue to be a close one.


June Atkinson 35
Eddie Davis 17

Atkinson has maintained a steady lead in our polls for months.


Beth Wood 27
Fred Aikens 20

Like Atkinson, Wood has shown a steady margin throughout our polling.


Wayne Goodwin 21
David Smith 18

Goodwin moves back into the lead after a tie the week before.


Mary Fant Donnan 12
John Brooks 12
Robin Anderson 11
Ty Richardson 9

This race is headed for a runoff and at this point all of the candidates have a decent chance of being in it.

Full results here.

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