Sunday, April 20, 2008

North Carolina Polls

There were so many new North Carolina Presidential polls this week I had trouble catching up:

-The LA Times poll had the most substantive issue polling for the state I've seen in a long time. This focused on issues as it relates to the Presidential race, while this focused on the views of state voters about the economy and trade.

There's more depth and detail in those polls than I have time to process or comprehend but I thought folks should know about it if they'd like to peruse the data.

The Times also shows Barack Obama leading the state 47-34.

-Insider Advantage has Obama leading 51-36.

-ARG has Obama with a 52-41 advantage.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


What time do expect to release the Penn Poll??

You guys are great, btw.

I appreciate how ignored the flack during the Wisconsin primary, and it paid off, you're they only poll who nailed Obama's double digit win.

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