Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Survey USA North Carolina Numbers

WTVD has the newest Survey USA numbers for North Carolina up.

They show Barack Obama leading Hillary Clinton 49-39. PPP and Rasmussen both released polls in the last few days that had Obama with an advantage of more than 20.

They have Bev Perdue and Richard Moore dead even at 40% apiece. That certainly confirms the narrowing trend we've shown in the race, although these numbers are more similar to what we had last week than what we found this week.

In the Democratic Senate race they have Kay Hagan at 21%, Jim Neal at 20%, Duskin Lassiter at 6%, Marcus Williams at 5%, and Howard Staley at 4%. We have repeatedly been at odds with Survey USA on the strength of Neal's numbers.

In the Republican race for Governor they show Pat McCrory likely to win without a runoff if the election was today, just as we do. He's at 38%, followed by Fred Smith at 19%, Bob Orr at 10%, and Bill Graham at 9%.

Survey USA has had some of the best polling in the country for this primary cycle but so have we since Super Tuesday, so who knows who's closer in the places where we differ!

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