Friday, April 11, 2008

Tracking Poll: What's Coming Up

Here are the issues we're delving into on this week's tracking poll:

-The effect of the Perdue pledge. We'll ask poll respondents if they've heard that one of the candidates for Governor has promised to end the negative advertising. It will only have been 48 hours since Bev Perdue made the pledge when we go into the field tomorrow but she will have been touting it in tv ads and it got a lot of media coverage this morning so it'll be interesting to see what the immediate impact of that is, if any.

-Kay Hagan going on the air. We'll see how many people report having seen her ads so far. My guess is a small bump for Hagan in our poll, maybe up to 25%. But nothing drastic.

-Impact of potential Edwards endorsements, part 2. When we did it the first time we only asked folks who were undecided or supported Barack Obama if an Edwards endorsement would move them toward the Clinton camp. I didn't ask people who already supported Clinton how it would affect them, but after seeing how many people said an endorsement from him would make them less likely to vote for her it now seems worth looking into. Even though an Obama endorsement seems like a long shot at this point, we'll ask about the impact that would have as well.

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