Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dueling Presidential Polls

Two new North Carolina polls out this morning with somewhat divergent outcomes:

-Rasmussen has Obama up 14.
-Survey USA has Obama up by only 5.

Who knows?

In the Democratic race for Governor, Survey USA shows the same five point movement in Bev Perdue's direction that we did this week. Her lead over Richard Moore in their poll goes from 4 to 9, while it went from 9 to 14 in our poll.

Their Republican gubernatorial numbers show Fred Smith pulling within a 36-32 margin of Pat McCrory. We'll have our numbers in that race out in a little bit- they are nearly identical to what SUSA is showing.

Should be an interesting final week.


RS said...

The Survey USA poll link appears to be dead, and I can't find the relevant poll with Google. Can you check/repost the link?

Tom Jensen said...

Oddly the poll seems to have vanished from the WTVD website. I went back and it's not where it was an hour ago.

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