Monday, April 7, 2008

Democratic Tracking Poll: President

Barack Obama 54
Hillary Clinton 33

Barack Obama's large lead in North Carolina has really stabilized over the last few weeks. His lead in PPP's tracking poll is now consistently in the 18-21 point range.

One reason may be that Democratic voters want the nomination contest to be over. 43% of likely voters said they were concerned that the drawn out campaign between Clinton and Obama would hurt Democratic prospects this fall. Within that group, Obama has a 29 point lead, which could be an indication that some folks are moving toward his camp because they see a decisive victory for him as a way to end the infighting and shift the focus to John McCain.

Obama continues to do better with white voters than he has in many southern states, trailing Clinton 47-38. He has his customary large advantage with black voters, 81-10. He also has large leads across all age groups except senior citizens, among whom he and Clinton are in a statistical tie.

Full results here

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