Friday, April 4, 2008

The Libertarian Creed

Less government, more road signs?

That's what I've been wondering with the recent proliferation of signs for Republican/Libertarian Congressional candidate BJ Lawson, who is facing Augustus Cho in the primary for the right to be David Price's sacrificial lamb this fall.

It was one thing when they started sprouting up on the main drags in Chapel Hill. But tonight I saw a bunch of them while driving out to the UNC baseball team's temporary home in the boonies of Cary. There were no signs for any other candidates anywhere else in that vicinity.

The Ron Paul Republican/Libertarian Presidential campaign was of course also known for its sign placing prowess.

Speaking of which, I was doing an interview with KDKA in Pittsburgh Wednesday night about our latest Pennsylvania poll when the host cut me short and told me they needed to bring on their next guest...which was none other than Ron Paul! Couldn't blame him for booting me for that.

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Anonymous said...

I give BJ Lawson credit for getting all those UNC kids out to support his candidacy and help him with the yard signs. We need young people involved in politics, and the GOP especially needs that at this time!!

You see nothing along those lines for Augustus Cho, how does he expect to win a general election when he can't drum up support for a primary?

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