Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Republican Tracking Poll: Governor

Pat McCrory 36
Fred Smith 26
Bill Graham 6
Bob Orr 5
Elbie Powers 1

Fred Smith is continuing to spend his money on tours instead of tv, and Pat McCrory is continuing to hold a double digit lead. There's a definite cause and effect relationship between those two things in the Republican race for Governor.

McCrory has been running an extensive television advertising campaign and the result of that has been much improved standing in areas of the state outside Charlotte. He leads Smith 38-23 now in the Triad and trails just 33-25 in the Triangle. His customary huge advantage in his home base, 74-7 this week, provides most of his statewide lead.

The good news for Smith is that 52% of voters reported that they could change their minds between now and the election. But he'll need to readjust his campaign strategy in order to pick off the number of votes he'll need to get from McCrory.

Graham and Orr have essentially become non factors in this race. Not only are they polling in the mid single digits, but even among their supporters most said they could jump ship. Only 27% of Orr and 39% of Graham's supporters are solidly committed to voting for them.

Full results here.

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