Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wednesday Morning

We'll have our newest Pennsylvania numbers out around late morning.

Also I'll be doing the AM morning show circuit. I'll be on WPTF (680) in Raleigh talking about our latest polls at 6:10 and on WBT (1110) in Charlotte talking about the Governor's race at 8:05. Tune in if you want to put a voice to the blog.

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jr1886 said...

I respect SurveyUSA work but i think they are the outlier this time. They have Hillary @ +18% when every other Pollster: Rasmussen= race stabilized with Hillary at +5%, Quinnipiac=Obama surges with Hillary on top at only +6%. So where's the surge coming from?

Black making up only 14% in their survey is too low. I think 17% would be about right. Obama getting only 74% of the Black vote?? This is not going to stand and should be around 85% instead

So I am waiting for the PPP poll tomorrow to see if there's truly a surge for Hillary which I clearly doubt at this time.

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