Friday, April 25, 2008

Political Connections

I was one of the guests for Political Connections this weekend, check it out tonight at 6 and Sunday at 11 AM on News 14.

One of the issues we discussed was Richard Moore's new ad trying to tie Bev Perdue to the KKK. I said that one of the problems for Moore in trying to do that is that the vast majority of the black political leadership in the state supports Perdue and is happy to talk about that. And then as soon as I got to work I saw that indeed Rep. Alma Adams had already cut a commercial denouncing the ad.

Someone summed up the difference between Moore and Perdue's outreach to the black community this week. In her advertising on black radio stations, Perdue has well known public figures speaking out on her behalf. Moore has what seem to be paid actors and I have heard from several people that they think his ads stereotype and border on patronizing.

Of course this is all from political people, I guess we'll find out more about what the general public thinks this weekend in our polling.

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