Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Other Poll Results Yesterday

-Civitas released a new Presidential poll. They show Barack Obama leading Hillary Clinton 45-27 in the state, which seems about right.

They also did general election match ups, showing John McCain leading Obama 48-39 and Clinton 50-37. That tells a different story than the Rasmussen poll released Saturday showing a tie between McCain and Obama.

Looking at the Civitas demographics, they all look pretty much fine to me. Even though I'd rather believe the Rasmussen poll I'm more inclined to think Civitas has it right at this point, especially since I can't compare who they polled since Civitas gives us that and Rasmussen doesn't.

-Speaking of Rasmussen, they put out a new general election poll on our Senate race yesterday. They have Elizabeth Dole up 52-39 on Kay Hagan and 51-37 on Jim Neal. That's about in line with what we've shown in the past. Hopefully once the Democrats settle on a nominee that individual will be able to raise some serious money and make this into more of a contest.

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