Friday, April 11, 2008

Moore's New Endorsement

It hasn't received a ton of attention, but EqualityNC announced its endorsement yesterday of Richard Moore for Governor. I don't know anything about Moore and Bev Perdue's comparative positions on their issues of concern, but either way I say good for them. Why?

Progressive groups are at a disadvantage getting what they want done in Raleigh because they're so under funded compared to business and corporate issues trying to get their way.

The great potential equalizer is supporting a candidate through the electoral process, particularly when a group takes a risk.

The Democratic primary for Governor could go either way, although Bev Perdue is still a slight favorite. Often in situations like this a group, worried about antagonizing either candidate if they get elected, will either stay out of the race or issue a lame endorsement of both candidates.

When you do that, neither candidate owes you anything if they get elected. The reality is that once in office a Governor or legislator or whoever has a thousand interests pulling them in every direction. But they'll remember who was with them when it was a calculated risk, and often those concerns will rise to the top.

Equality NC has gone out on a bit of a limb with the Moore endorsement. But I guarantee if Moore wins, he'll remember who took a risk to support him. And the reality is that groups who chicken out of taking sides in tough races ensure there's no chance that their issues are going to be a top concern when someone new takes office.

This may or may not work for Equality, but more progressive groups should take their lead if they want their agendas to be taken seriously.

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