Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fun with crosstabs

With our polls on a week to week basis we have way more data than we publicly release, mostly to avoid an information overload. Here is some of the interesting stuff from within the crosstabs:

-Folks who support Hillary Clinton are much more likely to have their minds made up for Governor and Senate than those who support Barack Obama. In the Senate race 44% of Clinton supporters and 65% of Obama supporters are undecided. For Governor it's 15% and 26% respectively.

Given that Obama is bringing a lot of newer voters into the process it makes sense that they haven't paid as much attention to the other races as those going for Clinton.

-There are large gaps in both of those races based on Presidential support. Kay Hagan leads Jim Neal 37-9 among Clinton supporters but just 22-6 with Obama folks, a possible indication that gender could be a major voting criterion with those voters. Bev Perdue actually has the opposite trend though- a 44-26 lead with Obama supporters but a 41-40 deficit to Richard Moore with those going for Clinton. That is not surprising given Perdue's popularity with black voters.

-Voters supporting Kay Hagan are strong Perdue people while those going for Jim Neal are Moore people. Perdue leads 52-34 with Hagan supporters, Moore leads 53-30 with Neal supporters.

-Perdue has more black supporters than white supporters- 48-45 in our latest poll. Moore's breakdown is 66-24 in favor of whites.

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