Friday, April 18, 2008

Elon Poll: Mixed Message on Dole

The newest Elon poll is out, and what caught my interest the most was some weird answers to questions about Elizabeth Dole.

The poll shows an impressive 56% approval rating for her.

Yet 45% of respondents said it's time for a new Senator compared to just 37% who said Dole deserved to be reelected!

If Kay Hagan or Jim Neal can really get their act together once one of them is the nominee that number shows there's at least a sliver of a chance of knocking off Dole.

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Chris said...

I have two thoughts on the Elon Poll.

1. People lie on polls. Even through the supposed anonymity of the telephone, they still give what they think is the socially acceptable answer. (Maybe I'm just cynical, but I don't believe the numbers on race one bit. This is still the South, despite how many others may move in.)

2. You really expect me to believe people think there are more sexists in this state than racists?

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