Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New SurveyUSA Poll

Survey USA finally joins us in showing Kay Hagan dominating Jim Neal in the Democratic race for Senate- they have the race at 38-16. Marcus Williams, Howard Staley, and Duskin Lassiter lag at 6%, 4%, and 3% respectively.

They show Bev Perdue with a 43-39 lead over Richard Moore, which is not terribly dissimilar from us. I know we are projecting a larger black turnout than they are, which accounts for at least some of the difference between us and them on that race.

They have Barack Obama up 50-41 on Hillary Clinton, which like the SUSA poll two weeks ago is somewhat closer than what most other polls in the state are showing- certainly doesn't mean it's wrong.

Their Republican Governor numbers are relatively similar to us- Pat McCrory at 35%, Fred Smith at 24%, Bob Orr at 9%, Bill Graham at 8%.

Story here and I'll break down the crosstabs once I see them.

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