Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Civitas Results: President

Barack Obama leads Hillary Clinton 38-24 in the Civitas Poll. The last North Carolina poll conducted on the race that did not show Obama with a double digit lead was ours three weeks ago. Since then SurveyUSA, Elon, and now Civitas have all shown that lead expanding. I expect we will find the same result next week.

Mike Huckabee just needs to drop out. He trails John McCain 50-23, a massive margin shown in the Elon Poll last week as well.

The general election match ups for President show wider margins for John McCain than our poll did last week- they show him leading Clinton 48-36 and Obama 46-36. McCain is in almost the same position in our poll, but Civitas shows a lot more undecideds where we showed people moving toward Clinton and Obama. It's a long way to November!

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