Monday, February 4, 2008

Georgia Results: McCain, Obama lead

John McCain 31
Mitt Romney 29
Mike Huckabee 27

The race in Georgia seems to be following a very similar trajectory to Florida.

When we polled this race in the middle of last week, Mitt Romney had a one point lead on McCain.

And when we polled this race Saturday, Romney was in first and McCain was third, albeit quite narrowly.

Sunday's polling, though, showed a sharp shift in McCain's direction and put him in the lead for this two day poll. If that trend in his direction continues on through tomorrow in Georgia, he should win by a similar margin to what he had in Florida.

That said, this is a very close three way race and no outcome would be particularly surprising tomorrow.

Barack Obama 53
Hillary Clinton 37

While the Republican race is trending similar to Florida, the Democratic race is trending similar to South Carolina. Not only is Barack Obama expanding his lead in the state, but it also seems that the more the Clintons campaign in Georgia, the more Obama's standing with black voters improves in the polls.

Obama leads Clinton by a whooping margin of 80-14 among African American voters in Georgia, while trailing among whites 53-36.

Obama has large leads with every age group except senior citizens in the state. The race does show a gender gap, with Obama up 59-31 with men but just 49-41 with women.

Full results here.

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