Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More from Elbie Powers

Elbie Powers paid his $1,359 and filed for Governor on Monday but he still hasn't gotten much love from the media, with the exception of a few lines in an AP story.

I'll tell you one thing. He certainly has the most down to earth solutions for our problems. After I wrote on Saturday about how I might vote for him if he won the GOP nomination and had a feasible plan for reducing my $400+ annual milk bill, he didn't propose a commission to study the issue or pass it off to a staff member to deal with. He e-mailed and told me he'd be happy to sell me a cow.

The zoning restrictions in Chapel Hill are a little stingy so I think I'm going to have to take a pass but I certainly appreciated the initiative Mr. Powers showed. I may be a Democrat but Bev Perdue and Richard Moore have not offered to sell me a cow.

The purpose of this blog is not to post candidate press releases but since I think Mr. Powers is being treated unfairly by the media, here is the statement he put out after filing:
If I, Elbie Powers am elected next Governor of NC., this will be a turning point in history of NC and the United States for a new direction for taxpayers, small business owners. My common sense will lead us to lower taxes, lowering cost in many areas, cutting taxes, doing away with some tax load. Our state's economic engine will turn for the benefit of working people as never before, supporting our state in ways unheard of that will work to our benefit. All while lowering your taxes. We are about to keep a few corporate profits here for our relief.

If an individual has an employee who is secret in spending their money, increasing their cost, we fire them. Ladies and Gentlemen, politicians are our employees. They over spend, unwisely spend, make it a law where we can't see their retirement, with what appears as little or no regard to accountability.

Big question - How do we raise money for our $20 billion dollar annual budget, growing each year more and more, without burden to taxpayers. Answer is simple – Common Sense business approach!!

Of the $20 Billion annual budget what percent is wasteful spending? 2, 5, 10, percent? we have just cut our budget this percent with the right leadership. My very conservative estimate is 10 percent.

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