Tuesday, February 19, 2008

General Election Poll: Senate

Dole Approval:

Approve 43
Disapprove 32
Not sure 25

Elizabeth Dole 50
Kay Hagan 33

Elizabeth Dole 50
Jim Neal 29

Elizabeth Dole's approval rating continues to languish in the low 40s but it's not moving much support into the columns of either of her two main Democratic opponents.

Hagan and Neal both have a lot of work to do still within their own party. Hagan has the support of 54% of Democrats right now, Neal the support of just 51%. Either of them would need to do well with independents to knock off Dole and there's a lot of room for improvement there as well- Hagan trails 46-27 with that group while Neal is behind 46-23.

They're also both polling below 50% with the key Democratic constituency of African American voters.

Dole's approval rating is surprisingly low but Hagan and Neal have a long way to go to convince voters they're a better alternative.

Full results here.

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