Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Perdue's New York Contributions

Bev Perdue recently came out with a new video attacking Richard Moore for receiving campaign contributions from people with tony New York addresses.

32 W. 88th Street
10 Gracie Sq.
32 W. 20th Street
152 W. 57th Street 60th Floor
35 Bond St.
146 Central Park W.
575 Madison Ave. 10th Floor
418 E. 59th Street #36B
150 W. 56th Street Apt. 4508
290 9th Avenue
499 Park Ave. Ste. 600
67 Riverside Dr. #9C

The list of Richard Moore's New York contributors? No, it's actually the list of Perdue's contributors in the Big Apple. And a lot of those addresses sound pretty tony to me. I bet Suite 600 on Park Avenue is a lot nicer than my apartment!

This is not the first somewhat hypocritical attack Perdue has made on Moore. Her campaign is making it a habit to try to draw blood on things they're guilty of too.

Just one more reason this race has not been a pretty thing to watch.

HT: Binker

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