Monday, February 4, 2008

Tennessee Results: McCain moves into lead, Clinton expands hers

John McCain 34
Mike Huckabee 28
Mitt Romney 22
Ron Paul 7

McCain received a clear Florida bump in Tennessee. When we polled this race last Monday, Huckabee had a four point lead. Now McCain has turned that around to a six point lead.

While GOP voters in most states list the war and the economy as their top two issues, in Tennessee moral and family values trump the war. That's why Huckabee is polling so much closer to McCain in this state than he is almost anywhere else in the country. While McCain leads Huckabee 42-24 on the economy and 45-19 on the war, Huckabee leads McCain 51-20 with the moral and family values crowd.

Hillary Clinton 56
Barack Obama 34

While there is a lot of ambiguity nationally about who John Edwards supporters are going for now, that is not the case in Tennessee where they are pretty clearly moving toward Hillary Clinton.

When we polled this race last week, Clinton was at 43 and Obama was at 32. While he has moved up only two points since Edwards dropped out, she has gone up 13 points.

That all adds up to her 11 point lead from last week now being doubled to 22.

Tennessee shows the standard racial disparities in voting- Obama leads 72-19 among blacks while Clinton has a 69-22 advantage with whites.

Full results here.

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