Thursday, February 7, 2008

Democratic Tracking Poll: the Other Stuff

Lieutenant Governor:

Pat Smathers 11
Dan Besse 10
Walter Dalton 9
Hampton Dellinger 6

Still no real movement in this race, although Smathers is consistently near the top. Besse's performance is his best since last April.


Janet Cowell 14
David Young 13
Michael Weisel 8

The Cowell and Young numbers are identical to last month. Weisel has improved by a couple points.

Superintendent of Public Instruction:

June Atkinson 36
Eddie Davis 15

Atkinson increased her lead every month after we started polling this race in October but sees it cut by five points in this poll compared to January. Don't read too much into it.


Beth Wood 25
Fred Aikens 18

Why are more people decided in this primary than the ones for Lieutenant Governor, Treasurer, and Senate where the candidates are better known? I have two theories. One is that it's the last question on the survey and people are sick of saying they're undecided about everything. The other is that in a race with just two candidates and where one is a man and the other is a woman it's easier to vote based on simple demographic reasons. Anyway, we have a baseline now for this race.

Full results here

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