Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Funny Polls Lately

Post by PPP President Dean Debnam:

PPP gets a lot of flack for doing automated polls, but one positive benefit to them is that we always say the candidates' names right!

Such can not be said for two live interview polls I was called for recently. One repeatedly asked me questions about a statewide candidate but said her last name wrong. Another referred to a candidate alternately by three different first names. When interviewers don't get the people they're talking about’s names right it can be hard to get accurate results.

Another recent doozy was someone called me asking my thoughts about a different statewide candidate. I made some nice comments and the woman interviewing me said, "yeah, a lot of people have been saying nice things about him tonight!" That's not exactly professional for an interviewer.

There is nothing wrong with live interview polling, but you need to make sure you're hiring the right people to do it. With the current glut of races it's hard to always hire the best call center.

Say what you want about PPP, but at least we get your name right!

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