Friday, February 29, 2008

One last poll for the week

I guess Rasmussen is doing monthly polls now for WRAL. I haven't had much time to read this latest one but it tests the gubernatorial match ups and shows Bev Perdue and Richard Moore doing better against the Republican contenders than our last poll did. Most notably it shows both of them leading Pat McCrory by six points, whereas we had it tied just last week. Rasmussen doesn't release its topline demographic information so it's hard to know how accurate they are.

Of course it's fine with me if they're right and we're wrong.

Bob Orr, Bill Graham, and Fred Smith trail Moore and Perdue by double digits in every possible match.

Moore and Perdue both have favorability over 50%. For Moore it's 56/24 and for Perdue it's 58/29. None of the Republicans surpass 40- Bill Graham is at 30/42, Pat McCrory is at 39/38, Bob Orr is at 29/44, and Fred Smith is at 29/47.

Frankly those unfavorable ratings seem awfully bad for Republican candidates who aren't even that well known. While I would like to believe these numbers, I think Rasmussen must have interviewed a disproportionate number of Democratic voters and not weighted it sufficiently.

Full poll here.

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Chris said...


I agree. The Republican Fav/Unfav look very, very fishy.

As you said, I don't think they are that well known and there's no way the negatives are that high for an unknown person.

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