Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Texas Senate: Noriega leads but many undecided

Rick Noriega 32
Gene Kelly 15
Ray McMurrey 8
Rhett Smith 3
Undecided 42

State representative Rick Noriega has the lead in the Texas Democratic Senate primary but many voters remain undecided a week out from the primary. Gene Kelly, a perennial candidate for office in Texas who benefits largely from a good name, is in second place.

Noriega is doing very well with Hispanic voters, among whom he leads 53-12. With white voters and black voters he has just an eight point advantage, 25-17 and 22-14 respectively. He is strongest with voters whose top issue is the economy, health care, or the war.

Noriega needs to get about 45% of the votes of the undecideds to avoid a runoff.

Full results here.

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