Thursday, February 7, 2008

Republican Tracking Poll: the Other Stuff

Lieutenant Governor:

Greg Dority 20
Robert Pittenger 20

This race continues to be very close. Dority leads Pittenger in five out of six regions in the state, but Pittenger's 51-11 lead in the greater Charlotte area is keeping it tied. Pittenger is far better funded than Dority and will likely start to pull away closer to the primary, but for now Dority seems to be benefiting from higher name recognition as a former Congressional candidate.


Bill Daughtridge 21
Dale Folwell 14

Daughtridge has had a small lead ever since he entered the race. The Nash County legislator does extremely well in his home base in eastern North Carolina, leading 40-4. He also holds a slight lead on Folwell's turf in the Triad.

Full results here

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