Friday, February 1, 2008

More on the WRAL poll

More Democrats have an opinion one way or the other on Bill Graham and Bob Orr than Republicans do. That's a pretty strong sign your campaign isn't creating much buzz within your party.

The WRAL poll shows that Graham's favorable/unfavorable among Republicans is 21/13 and that among Democrats it's 17/23. So 6% more Democrats than Republicans have a feeling about him and the rest of the Republicans who know who he is don't know what to think.

For Orr the numbers are 19/9 among Republicans and 17/17 with Democrats.

Much has been made, including by me, of the thought that Pat McCrory might have trouble with conservatives in the Republican primary. But 46% of self described conservatives have a favorable opinion of him, compared to 28% for Bill Graham, 19% for Bob Orr, and 16% for Fred Smith. The primary is still three months away but those numbers are a good sign for McCrory's prospects for getting to the general election.

Full results here, I'll write a third post on the numbers for the Senate race.

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