Thursday, February 7, 2008

Republican Tracking Poll: President

John McCain 30
Mitt Romney 30
Mike Huckabee 23
Ron Paul 6

These results seem beside the point with the news of Romney dropping out but it is interesting that Romney had by far his best performance ever in North Carolina at the very end of his campaign.

It's easily explainable though. North Carolina Republicans mostly identify themselves as conservatives. Romney had been making the argument in the final weeks of his campaign that he was the only viable conservative alternative to John McCain left in the race. It looks like a good number of GOP voters here bought that argument. The problem for Romney is that our neighbors in Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama did not and allowed Huckabee to win their primaries.

What it means is that in a two person race now between McCain and Huckabee, I would guess Huckabee would have a double digit lead in the state. If Romney had just dropped out yesterday afternoon we would know!

It's also interesting to note that McCain actually trailed Romney among registered Republicans in the survey, 31-29. But among the unaffiliated voters who can pick either primary he led 37-24.

Full results here

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