Tuesday, February 26, 2008

No love for Elbie

In both the Democratic and Republican primaries for Governor there's one candidate who is not as well known as the others.

Dennis Nielsen is not likely to defeat Richard Moore or Bev Perdue, but he's actually been treated with a fair amount of respect. He was invited to participate in the NAACP forum last month, where he impressed some people. When he filed last week, NBC 17 did a story about it.

There has been no such respect for Republican Elbie Powers, who is vying with Fred Smith, Bill Graham, Bob Orr, and Pat McCrory for his party's nomination. In fact the morning that filing opened when the News&Observer did a 'by the numbers' look at this year's political races it said there were 4 GOP candidates for Governor, completely neglecting his candidacy!

Check out Mr. Powers' website. There's more substantive information there about his views on the issues than you can find on the sites of several of his opponents. I may not agree with all of it but I certainly appreciate his putting it out there. And I hope the news media in our state will treat Mr. Powers with at least as much respect as they are giving Mr. Nielsen.

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