Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Texas Results

Hillary Clinton 48
Barack Obama 48

It is dead even in Texas. This race seems likely to come down to whether Obama can wrest enough Hispanic support away from Clinton to earn a victory. He doesn't need to win their vote, but he does need to improve on the 68-27 deficit he's facing right now, which is almost as great as his lead among black voters. Obama has actually taken the lead among white voters in the state, 51-44.

As in other states, Obama is actually trailing among Democrats (52-44) but doing very well among Republicans (76-20) and independents (51-40) who plan to vote in the Democratic primary because of John McCain's status as the presumptive nominee.

The male and female votes in the state are mirror images of each other. Obama leads men 52-44, Clinton leads women 52-44.

PPP will poll the race again next weekend.

John McCain 52
Mike Huckabee 36
Ron Paul 9

Even in one of the few remaining southern primaries, Huckabee can't hold his own with McCain. Paul puts up one of his better performances in his home state.

Full results here

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