Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ohio 10th District Poll

Voters in Ohio's 10th Congressional District aren't planning to cast a symbolic vote for their Congressman, Dennis Kucinich, for President:

Hillary Clinton 55
Barack Obama 31
Dennis Kucinich 4

Hillary Clinton has a strong advantage in the heavily white district.

But despite a challenge in the primary from four opponents, Kucinich appears pretty safe for reelection:

Dennis Kucinich 55
Joe Cimperman 29
Barbara Anne Ferris 5
Tom O'Grady 4
Rosemary Palmer 1

Since there isn't much enthusiasm in the district for his Presidential candidacy, it looks like Kucinich made the prudent choice by coming home before the South Carolina primary and campaigning for reelection.

While a strong majority of Democrats (59-26) support Kucinich for reelection but Republicans and independents planning to vote in the primary appear to be less enthused with him. He leads 45-35 with the former group and trails 45-34 with the latter.

Full results here

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