Wednesday, February 13, 2008

TV and the Governors Race pt. 2

Earlier this week I analyzed what effect tv ads were having on the Governors race.

For the last month Richard Moore and Bev Perdue have been on the air in every market in the state except Charlotte and Asheville, where advertising is less cost effective because you're talking to a lot of people in South Carolina.

PPP broke down the results of our January poll before tv advertising began and our February poll to see how the candidates' standing has shifted since they went on the air.

Although Perdue's overall lead in the state went from 16 points to 14 from January to February in our poll, her standing in the regions where tv ads have been running has improved from 43-28 to 48-30.

Survey USA has also conducted polls in the state before and after the candidates went on the air. Their January poll showed Perdue with a nine point lead and their February poll showed a 20 point lead. Separating out the places where tv has been running the difference is even more dramatic.

In January, before tv ads, Perdue led those parts of the state 48-36 in their survey. In the month since the candidates went on the air she now leads those areas 54-30.

These two independent polls seem to indicate Perdue getting a lot more traction with her media campaign.

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