Wednesday, February 27, 2008

DOT Reform and the Governors Race

I have really been amazed at the amount of time Richard Moore and Bev Perdue have spent discussing DOT reform during this race. I just don't think it's an issue that very many voters care about or find particularly resonant.

So when I do the monthly tracking poll for the primaries next week I'm going to ask respondents how big of an impact, if any, the issue of DOT reform has on their preferences for Governor. It will be interesting to see the results- I could be completely wrong in my assumption. I'll also do it as a crosstab so we can see whether Moore or Perdue is benefiting more from the issue.

On transportation issues, I was amused to see Moore refer to Perdue as a 'very powerful insider' in an interview with WRAL yesterday. What does he think he is? As I've said before, the only Democrat running for Governor who can play the outsider card is Dennis Nielsen.

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