Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wisconsin Results

Barack Obama 50
Hillary Clinton 39

In most states the number of people listing the war as their top issue is declining rapidly. But in Wisconsin it's still a big thing for Democratic voters, and that's helping to vault Barack Obama into a solid lead. Obama has a 55-34 lead among respondents who said the war was their biggest issue while actually trailing Clinton 47-45 with people most concerned about the economy. Wisconsin appears to be one state where folks are still taking into account Clinton's vote on the war five years ago.

Obama is also doing a solid job cutting across racial and gender lines in Wisconsin. He has his customary large advantage with black voters, 66-24. But he also leads Clinton with whites, 49-41. He leads 56-35 with men and 46-43 with women.

Obama actually barely leads Clinton among self identified Democrats, 46-44. But there are a lot of independent voters in Wisconsin, who can vote in the state's open primary, and Obama's lead with that group is 63-25.

John McCain 53
Mike Huckabee 32
Ron Paul 7

Mike Huckabee may be gaining some momentum on John McCain in a lot of states but Wisconsin doesn't appear to be one of them.

While Mitt Romney was in the race, McCain's Achilles heel was voters who listed immigration as their top issue but with him out of the running McCain even leads among those voters, 41-33 over Huckabee. McCain also leads Huckabee 64-22 and 64-25 on key issues of the war and the economy respectively.

Full results here.


Jeff said...

Thanks for the post. Let's hope those numbers are right, although even better would be a larger victory for Obama in Wisconsin. With the Clinton campaign confident about winning Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, Obama needs to win the other states by big margins.

Anonymous said...

Texas is rapidly moving toward Obama.
I knew Texans had good sense!
They are in a dead heat in the Lone Star State in some major polls.

Anonymous said...

I feel a cry coming on.

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